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Contractors throughout New Brunswick are looking for employees. Check our web page for a contractor in your area or contact New Brunswick Roofing Contractors Association at 1 888 652 7003 or


The roofing industry has changed and continues to change with new technology being introduced every day. You will become a critical part of a team working in an outside enviroment. Working in the roofing industry is a rewarding experience.  The satisfaction of doing a good job, after all the best form of insurance is a watertight roof!

There are many opportunities for employment in the roofing trade. Employment could lead to a foreman or superintendent roll, estimator, roof inspector/observer/consultant, working for a manufacturer or even an ownership of a roofing company!


To register as an apprentice you have to be employed by a roofing contractor. That contractor will sponsor you and register you with Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification Branch of the Government. An Apprenticeship Counsellor will interview you and go through the program with the apprentices. Financial assistance will be explained to the apprentices including any grants that are available.


2019-2020 Training Schedules

Block 3 – January 6-February 14

Block 2 – February 18- March 27

Block 1 – April 13 – May 22

For up to date info or further info on apprenticeship go to:

or Contact New Brunswick Roofing Contractors Association at 652-7003 or 1 888 652 7003 or email

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