Northwest Roofers Ltd.

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Success thus far in the history of Northwest Roofers can be attributed to tenacity with respect to customer needs, sticking with projects and so on. Also, roofing technology changes from year to year and for Northwest, new technology means new clients as we work hard to ensure that customers benefit from the best of what the market has to offer for clients. From the standpoint of roofing technology, keeping up with those changes has allowed us to complete even the most challenging industrial, commercial and institutional roofing projects.

Being a part of the NBRCA / MRGNB is important to us as well as because of the difference between association members and non members. Whereas some non-member roofing companies are somewhat less known and may underbid on jobs, we feel that as members of the MRG, Northwest is recognized for its quality and devotion to service as well as for our commitment to safety, training, insurance and attention to the details that non-member companies often overlook.

Northwest has been in business for over 25 years and built a reputation for quality and we work very hard to keep it that way.

Michel Morin, President

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