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Roof Quality Assurance Observers (Observers) as they are referred to day were referred to in the past as inspectors.

Observers provide independent third party Quality Assurance Observation (QAO) services on roofing projects for New Brunswick Roofing Contractors Association (NBRCA) contractors as well as for the Master Roofers Guarantee of New Brunswick (MRGNB) contractors. MRGNB over sees these observers for qualification purposes and hold various seminars throughout the year for roof Observers.

The Observer is responsible to observe and to document the compliance of the materials and workmanship with the project document requirements, with industry/manufacturer standards, MRGNB Specification Manual and Canadian Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA) Specification Manual.  This confirms to the owner that the roof installation is consistent with the design intent and with the good roofing practices reflected by these industry standards.

Observers accepted by MRGNB to provide this service must have appropriate levels of, education, training, and experience.  They must be familiar with the roofing system(s) being installed with the requirements of the project documents, with industry and manufacturer standards, and with MRGNB and CRCA requirements.

The accreditation goal for each Observer is to attain and retain the Registered Roof Observer (RRO) designation from the International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants (IIBEC), formerly “RCI, Inc.” Our Quality Assurance Observer Training is intended to support this goal.

All applicants for roof Observers are required to go through a basic orientation seminar put on by MRGNB. In this orientation the applicant will become aware of:

  • History of NBRCA and MRGNB
  • MRGNB Roofing Specifications Manual
  • CRCA Specification Manual
  • Review of the requirements of “MRGNB Policy and Standards Manual for Quality Assurance Observation of Roof Applications”
  • Fire Risk Awareness


Observer workshops are held at least annually to ensure currency with industry developments.  These workshops include modules that assist Observers to attain and retain the skills appropriate for rooftop Quality Assurance Observation consistent with industry, MRGNB and CRCA requirements. As well, the workshops address issues that are being seen in the industry. These issues could be coming from property owner’s perceptive, contractors, or information from the CRCA National Technical Committee which may be surfacing in other parts of Canada and that the Observers should be made aware of.

For Observers that have not yet obtained their Registered Roof Observer (RRO) designation a yearly refresher workshop is held. RRO’s are welcomed and do attend as well. In this workshop the following is reviewed:

  • Roll of the Observer
  • Observation Requirements
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Client/MRGNB/CRCA Observation issues
  • Review of “MRGNB Policy and Standards Manual for Quality Assurance Observation of Roof Applications” including:
    • Qualifications of the Observer
    • Rolls and Responsibilities of the Observer;
    • Conducting site observations;
    • Documenting and reporting; and
    • Owner / Contractor / Observer relations.
  • Fire Risk Awareness
  • Roofing Systems Update


  • IIBEC Courses – NBRCA periodically sponsors the presentation of select IIBEC Roofing and Building Envelope course offerings at various locations in New Brunswick. Many IIBEC courses are also available online.


Contact NBRCA at 506-652-7003 or for more information on QAO workshop and course schedules and costs.

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