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The New Brunswick Roofing Contractors Association (NBRCA) is dedicated to maintaining and promoting exceptional roofing practices, the safe delivery of quality roofing systems, and the protection of the public’s interest related to low slope roofing applications. Our members are professional roofing contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, and quality assurance observers.

There are three types of NBRCA members:

  • Contractors;
  • Associates (Material manufacturers and suppliers as well as associated service providers); and
  • Consultants/Observers

NBRCA offers a range of benefits to all its members, including:

  • The opportunity to build relationships with other contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, and quality assurance observers – all with a shared commitment to New Brunswick’s roofing industry
  • Access to the NBRCA Provincial Technical Committee, which includes representatives of contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, observers, architects, and building owners
  • The support of the NBRCA Technical Manager, Jamie Slipp, P.Eng.,  RRO
  • Educational workshops
  • Advocacy for the roofing industry, with direct access to the provincial government and provincial regulatory bodies through the NBRCA, and through our participation in the Construction Association of New Brunswick
  • Our affiliations with the Canadian Roofing Contractors’ Association (CRCA) and the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) in the U.S.
  • Our participation in government and industry-related organizations in an advisory capacity
  • Qualified Consultant/Observer members have the opportunity to provide services to the MRGNB Guarantee Program

NBRCA Contractor members are also members of the Canadian Roofing Contractors’ Association (CRCA), and CRCA Contractor members resident in New Brunswick are members of the NBRCA. NBRCA members also have access to the benefits of CRCA membership.

CRCA Membership Benefits

  • Access to the CRCA National Technical Committee, which includes representation from roofing associations across Canada, roofing materials supplier groups, the NRCA, and the National Research Council Institute
  • Access to national affinity programs that offer savings to members related to vehicle purchase and maintenance costs, vehicle rentals, hotel accommodation and various insurance products
  • Access to the CRCA technical director and technical manager
  • Representation to and feedback from national government and national regulatory bodies.
  • NBRCA/CRCA Contractor members have the opportunity to bid on tenders requiring membership in these organizations
  • NBRCA/CRCA Contractor members have the right to issue the CRCA Standard Form of Warranty on qualifying projects

In addition to these benefits, NBRCA members have certain obligations, including:

  • Acknowledgement and adherence to the code of ethics, constitution, and by-laws of the NBRCA
  • Commitment to undertake appropriate and mandated safety training
  • Commitment to execute work in a safe manner consistent with industry practice and regulatory requirements for the protection of employees, and for the benefit or our industry and clients
  • The purchase and maintenance of appropriate insurance coverage for the protection of employees and clients including:
    • Coverage under WorkSafeNB
    • Liability Insurance (Contractor members are required to maintain a minimum $2M comprehensive general liability policy).
  • Co-operation with owners, design authorities, specifiers, suppliers, and contractors so that NBRCA membership is seen by all as synonymous with accuracy, truth, integrity, and good faith in business
  • Compliance with the underlying principle of ethical competitive practice for the benefit of the industry and its clients.

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