Atlantic Roofers

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When you select Atlantic Roofers Limited, you are getting more than just a roofing company. Along with the contract comes a commitment to excellence that dates back to 1972 and our beginning in Cocagne, New Brunswick.

Over the years, we have established six regional offices throughout Atlantic Canada. Our people have developed into what we believe to be the best roof repair and construction team in the industry. Our knowledge base spans the experience of more than 120 team members.

Tammy Firth, Chief Executive Officer, Atlantic Group of Companies

Moncton Branch
275 Baig Boulevard
Moncton, NB
E1E 1E1
Tel: (506) 382-6683
Fax: (506) 576-9714
Chris Smith

Saint John Branch
39 Hatheway Crescent
Saint John, NB
E2M 5V2
Tel: (506) 635-7663
Fax: (506) 635-1222
Chelsey McIntyre

Fredericton Branch
135 Pepin Road
Fredericton, NB
E3B 8J9
Tel: (506) 459-1717
Fax: (506) 459-1975
Gary Armstrong

Charlottetown (PE) Branch
314 Winsloe Road
Winsloe, PE
C1E 1Z2
Tel: 902-368-1011
Karolyn Willis


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