Ashe Roofing Ltd.

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“As the General Manager, I cover all aspects of the Company. We have roughly 10 full time people working for us and others whenever needed. We do work for the individuals and the general contractors, with governments, etc, just about anything at all. Personally, I have been in construction since 1970, most of my men have been in construction in the same amount of years in the roofing business. Ashe Roofing itself has been in business since 1992, we are a small PEI Company, exclusively PEI, and we have what we consider to be the best workforce on the island. The company does all kinds of roofing work, including 2 ply modified bitumen and built-up roofing.

Aside from a competent workforce, we are also a member of the NBRCA and CRCA, and the Construction Association on the Island. We place special care and attention towards Workman’s Compensation, accident and liability insurance. Being part of the NBRCA is an essential component of our success as a roofing contractor.”

-Boyd Corcoran, Vice President & General Manager

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