MSL Louiseville Fiberboard

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In 2004, Louiseville Specialty Products Inc. now MSL Louiseville FIberboard acquired the mill (built in 1946). MSL now manufactures a variety of building material panels: sheathing, roof insulation, (Ex.: SECURPAN) acoustic panels (Ex.: SONOPAN) and specialty products for various sectors. Products are mainly sold in Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes and New England. MSL has built a solid reputation over the years and is a leader in product and customer service quality as well as environmental friendliness. The mill operates with a completely closed (zero effluent) water system resulting in an efficient and environmentally friendly mill.

Over the years, MSL has committed to ensuring the viable future of the fiberboard panel mill. Its fibreboard panels are made with natural, non-toxic materials. They are stable, lightweight and easy to install-with recovery, recycling and environmental protection being core values.

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