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I started roofing in Boston, Mass. in 1964, working for the Columbia Cornice Company which were out of Somerville, Mass. I got over my fear of heights on one of the first jobs, the Prudential Building, a 57 story building downtown.

There is a lot of hard work involved in roofing and you need a good crew; without them no company can be successful. You need to have everyone working as a team in order to succeed and no one person can accomplish that. I can attribute what we have built so far to hard work and, in particular the hard work of my employees.

As you know, the NBRCA has become a household name for many. I was driven to become a member of the NBRCA because membership offers benefits and protection not only to the roofer but also the client. When dealing with a member of the NBRCA, clients know that they always have a voice, in case they are not entirely satisfied with a job that a contractor has done. The NBRCA is made up of qualified technical individuals who can investigate customer complaints. For this reason, I have had a tremendous amount of respect for the NBRCA, they are a nice group of people.

Aside from running Nowlan’s Roofing 2005 Ltd., and carrying out duties associated with the NBRCA, I am past Director of the Canadian Roofing Contractors Association. The CRCA is an excellent organization and an asset to the roofing industry.

Randy Nowlan, President

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