Réjean Richard Roofing Ltd.

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I am the President of Réjean Richard Roofing, the company I started in November, 1985. I can attribute my success thus far to hard work and dedication; you need to be there first thing in the morning, before the sun shines, and sometimes you go to bed when the sunsets. I should mention that Réjean Richard Roofing is family business; my wife and sons have also played a major role. My wife has worked with me in the company for over 25 years and has shown the same level of dedication that I have. My sons Robin, Robert and Martin have been very enthusiastic about the company as well.

As far as the NBRCA and MRGNB are concerned I know that it is very important to be a member because the industry organized the NBRCA and the Master Roofers, as well as the CRCA. I am particularly proud to be a member of the Master Roofers because of the warranty we offer to our customers. Aside from that, the Master Roofers use only the best products, the best technology and we want to make sure that we have no failures in the market. The Master Roofers Guarantee was founded in 1989 and I am proud to say that Réjean Richard Roofing was one of the original members.

Réjean Richard, President

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